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6 Symbols, 2016
acrylic, spray paint, pencil, and oil pastel on canvas, with candles and wifi router
40”x 60” (canvas) 

The Great American Race, (installation) 2016
video, graphics, and publication

The Great American Race, (film) 2016
performance, graphics, scoring, and video

The Great American Race (book), 2016
digitally printed. 212 pages, 8”x 10”

Still Life with Landscape, 2015
acrylic, oild pastel, spraypaint, and metal tacks on wood pannel

36”x24”, 20"x20"

Singular Monastic Theater, 2015
duration (00:32:12)

X and O (diptych), 2014
cyanotype with salt print
17”x 11”

Hitting Circles for a Living, 2016
performance with acoustic drumset, electronic drum, digital print, and acrylic paint on mirror and wood
duration: (00:15:23)

Not Flowers but the Idea of Them, 2015
acrylic on unstretched canvas with gold mirror, book tape, NYT obituary, newsprint, scissors, and wood pannel
40”x 60” (canvas)

Not Flowers but the Idea of Them (print), 2015
risograph print with metallic heat stamp
4.25”x 5.5”

Square 1, 2, and 3, 2014
acrylic on wood pannel
25”x 25”, 10”x 10”, 10”x 10”

Adam and Eve’s Rebellion, 2017
acrylic on wood, plastic, and mirror
24”x 36” (left) 24”x 36” (right)